What sacagawea means to me thesis

Tribal Origin: Algonquian Family
Also known as: Ojibwa, Ojibway, Ojibwe and the Chippeway
Native Name: Bāwa’tigōwininiwŭg, means ‘people of the Sault’
Home Territories: Michigan, northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota
Language: Anishinaabemowin or Ojibwemowin
Alliances: Ottawa and Potawatomi peoples
Enemies: Iroquois Confederacy and the Sioux
Point of Interest: Known for birch bark canoes, wild rice, copper points, and their use of guns from the British to defeat the Dakota and the Sioux

I do recognize Emily Dickinson, Lewis and Clark, and Crazy Horse as Alexie stated in paragraph 4 of “What Sacagawea means to me” but the others I do not remember.  I can still understand Alexie’s general point and means by which he makes it.  I still understand it because the paragraphs before the 4th paragraph lead up to the point he was trying to make.  Since I know some of the events the people he was talking about, I understood somethings he was saying.  Though he was allusive, he still got his point across.  He was trying to tell us examples of all the contradicting stories we go by like how Lewis and Clark may have traveled North America but Sacagawea actually knew the route and showed them the way.  Also, how we tried to destroy the Native Americans when most of the people who helped destroy them were Native americans them self and they were so kind and helpful to us at the beginning.  Sherman Alexie’s point was easy to understand, it was that America is full of contradictions.  I understand it because even into the last paragraph it sort of gave more information on what he was trying to say.  Though in the 4th paragraph it was slightly confusing, I believe he was basically telling us examples of the contradictions he was talking about.

What sacagawea means to me thesis

what sacagawea means to me thesis


what sacagawea means to me thesiswhat sacagawea means to me thesiswhat sacagawea means to me thesiswhat sacagawea means to me thesis