Referencing chapters in an essay

In the reference list, include all illustrations that you have copied from another source and cited in your text.

  • Label the illustration as it appears in the original source , . Table, Figure, etc.
  • Do not abbreviate names, . change Fig. to Figure.
  • Follow the name with an accompanying number or letter , . Table 2 or Figure . The number or letter should be consecutive , according to the order in which you cite it in the text, . the first figure in your text will be numbered Figure 1, the second figure will be Figure 2, etc.
  • Use Arabic numbers only, . use 6 - not vi or six.
In-text citations If you include an illustration in-text, then add a caption below it. This caption should include:

The "author-date" method of parenthetical referencing is sometimes referred to as the "Harvard style" or the "Harvard system", so named after it was first used in a paper on "the embryogenesis of the garden slug" published by "the eminent zoologist Edward Laurens Mark (1847–1946), Hersey professor of anatomy and director of Harvard's zoological laboratory until his retirement in 1921", in which Mark included an author-date citation in parentheses on page 194. [1] The "author-date" method was later attributed to him and named after Harvard, though it never became affiliated officially with that university.

Referencing chapters in an essay

referencing chapters in an essay


referencing chapters in an essayreferencing chapters in an essayreferencing chapters in an essayreferencing chapters in an essay