Orientalism essay

I think I can adopt this into my framework in which the British identity is very much a part of being 'Indian'; we grow up on English literature, and honestly its not 'their' literature but also ours. The hypocricy lies in accepting it as theirs and thereby not cherishing it as much as we could. I like the idea that of the experience being inexticably intertwined. Also the paradox lies in the fact that although there seems to be no absolute 'us' and 'them', we can't avoid this vocabulary, a point which can be extrapolated out of Said.

It used to be said that there were three kinds of anthropologists: Those who have done fieldwork in one location, those who have done fieldwork in two, and Fredrik Barth. In many ways the anthropologist's anthropologist, Barth (b. 1928) has a career that spans over half a century, and which can be used to tell many different stories: About intellectual trends in the latter half of the 20th century, about social anthropology and the study of ‘remote places’ (as well as those nearby), about the human condition and about a remarkable man whose thirst for experience-based knowledge was matched by his ability to identify what was at stake for other people and to develop analytical perspectives from his ethnographic experiences. The biography was published in Norwegian by Universitetsforlaget in 2013, and the English edition is published by Pluto Press in summer 2015.

Said, a professor at Columbia University, studies the flaw in the perspective of the "Orient" by the "Occident" in his essay, Orientalism. ... This sense of dominance was to be found in works of Orientalism - the works of literary writers and of academic research based on scholars who study the Orient. ... By obtaining an Oriental background myself, I understood and sympathized with Said's opinions. ... Throughout his analysis, Said fails to specifically refer to the Oriental countries other than those of the Near Orient. His examples did not include any reference to countries such as...

Orientalism essay

orientalism essay


orientalism essayorientalism essayorientalism essayorientalism essay