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  • Important Notice to Licensees and Nurse License Applicants: The New Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact is Coming
  • Updates on Prescribing Controlled Substances
  • Foreign Educated Nurses Refresher Course (FENS) Changes
  • LVN On-Call Pilot Report Published
  • BON Goes Paperless on Publications
  • Non Approved International School(s)
  • Due to the large number of reported cases of abuse of opioids, health institutions pharmacological regulatory bodies and governments around the world have set up measures to ensure that the public health concern is mitigated. In health institutions, the first measure set up is the screening of patients suspected to be dependent and abusing opioids. A number of methods have been developed to screen patients for any risk factors for abuse before initiation of opioids for chronic pain management. There are also screening methods for patients already on treatment with opioids and in general, the methods focus on family and social history of the patient. Any psychosocial stressors that are significant in the causation of opioid abuse such as mental conditions are considered.

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    Nursing homework help

    nursing homework help


    nursing homework helpnursing homework helpnursing homework helpnursing homework help