Motion thesis

where μ is the viscosity coefficient, and a is the radius of the particle. Associating the kinetic energy μ 2 / 2 {\displaystyle \mu ^{2}/2} with the thermal energy RT/N , the expression for the mean squared displacement is 64/27 times that found by Einstein. The fraction 27/64 was commented on by Arnold Sommerfeld in his necrology on Smoluchowski: "The numerical coefficient of Einstein, which differs from Smoluchowski by 27/64 can only be put in doubt." [14]

In addition to supporting main OS requirements, these modules offer real, virtual and batch sensors with up to 4 Kbytes for dynamic data batching for advanced pedometer, timestamp, wrist tilt and many other smart functions. Specifically designed for OIS applications, the LSM6DSM comes with a new low-noise gyroscope and configurable filter as well as a dedicated additional processing and serial port that together improve camera-OIS performance. Both devices are available in 14-lead LGA modules ( x 3 x mm) that are pin-and-footprint compatible with LSM6DS3/H devices.

Motion thesis

motion thesis


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