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If you’re like me, then it’s probably safe to say you’ve done the ‘crazy monologue scramble’ more than a couple of times. You have an audition and find out you need a monologue; you desperately search the internet and find a couple, but not one that really fits you. Well, Daily Actor is here to help! I’m in the process of creating a huge contemporary monologue database that’ll help you find the perfect monologue. I’m adding more and more entries every day – except weekends! – so be sure to keep coming back to check things out! Movie Monologues Monologues from Plays

Easily the most abused is Arthur’s former partner Christopher, played by Thomas Dominique, who finds himself in over his head when it comes to the conspiracy surrounding the Blood Drive, and as a result is subjected to some of the show’s most graphic moments. Are some of these sequences legitimately disturbing? Absolutely. Again, it’s worth noting that Syfy is more than fully owning how graphic and extreme this show is. In fact, Syfy included this link as part of the digital press kit, for those who “can’t handle the Blood Drive” — sample post:

Gretchen purser dissertation

gretchen purser dissertation


gretchen purser dissertationgretchen purser dissertationgretchen purser dissertationgretchen purser dissertation