Ecological problems in the world essay

The concept of socio-ecological systems has been developed in order to provide both a promising scientific gain as well as impact on problems of sustainable development . A close conceptual and methodological relation exists between the analysis of socio-ecological systems, complexity research, and transdisciplinarity . These three research concepts are based on similar ideas and models of reasoning. Moreover, the research on socio-ecological systems almost always uses transdisciplinary mode of operation in order to achieve an adequate problem orientation and to ensure integrative results. [43] Problems of sustainable development are intrinsically tied to the socio-ecological system defined to tackle them. This means that scientists from the relevant scientific disciplines or field of research as well as the involved societal stakeholders have to be regarded as elements of the socio-ecological system in question. [43]

• All aspects of ecological and environmental indicators and indices.
• New indicators, and new approaches and methods for indicator development, testing and use.
• Development and modelling of indices, . application of indicator suites across multiple scales and resources.
• Analysis and research of resource, system- and scale-specific indicators.
• Methods for integration of social and other valuation metrics for the production of scientifically rigorous and politically-relevant assessments using indicator-based monitoring and assessment programs.
• Approaches on how research indicators can be transformed into direct application for management purposes.
• Broader assessment objectives and methods, . biodiversity, biological integrity, and sustainability, through the use of indicators.
• Resource-specific indicators such as landscape, agroecosystems, forests ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems, wetlands, etc.

Ecological problems in the world essay

ecological problems in the world essay


ecological problems in the world essayecological problems in the world essayecological problems in the world essayecological problems in the world essay