Corporal punishment should be banned essay

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    See also this May 1978 news item about unofficial slippering at a famous boys' comprehensive school in inner London. This was a rare case of the media writing about the existence of the slipper in their coverage of school CP, which usually dealt only with the cane. In this instance the local newspaper evidently thought it remarkable; but journalists have more often than not been poorly informed on these matters, and the anecdotal evidence suggests that there were more, maybe a lot more, slipperings than canings in English schools, at least in the 1960s and 1970s.

Following the close of MCW, McDevitt decided to limit his involvement in pro wrestling to concentrate on starting his career as a real estate agent. His decision was partially motivated by his then recent engagement [4] to Kimerly, [62] better known as MCW valet "Candie". [63] He did, however, continue to hold occasional events at Fort Meade under the "Fort Meade Wrestling" banner. It was at one of these events, in October 2005, that McDevitt had Adam Flash removed from the facility by military police. [64] McDevitt would often use this venue during the MCW years as the Maryland State Athletic Commission, which issued heavy fines for hardcore wrestling , had no jurisdiction on federal property. [4]

Corporal punishment should be banned essay

corporal punishment should be banned essay