Constitutional convention essay questions

An organized body (when an organization already has a constitution, officers and by-laws ) will usually have appointed a committee on credentials and a committee on program before the convention begins. [6] The committee on credentials (also called registration ) checks the identity of delegates and gives each one a name badge or card as evidence they belong there. [6] A program committee should have copies of the program available to all delegates before the convention begins. [6] Other committees may be appointed as necessary. [6]

While the Convention was intended merely to revise the Articles of Confederation, the objective of its leaders was to create a new government. One vigorous debate surrounded whether the government's executive should be a single person or a board of three. Eventually a clear majority voted for a single executive based on the knowledge that Washington would probably be the first President. As a result, the presidency was written with Washington's honor and patriotism in mind, permitting him to define more clearly the office once he was elected. After the Convention, Washington's strong support convinced many to vote in favor of ratification .

ALEC and its allies assert that states can control the operations and agenda of a convention and sharply limit the actions of their delegates.  But there is no consensus on this question among constitutional scholars or others who have studied the question carefully; the selective quotations that convention proponents cite from the 1780s do not reflect a consensus among the Framers of the Constitution and do not have the force of law.  Even more importantly, no court or other body exists with the authority to enforce any such rules and to override the decisions of a constitutional convention .

Constitutional convention essay questions

constitutional convention essay questions


constitutional convention essay questionsconstitutional convention essay questionsconstitutional convention essay questionsconstitutional convention essay questions