Case study layouts

This case study offers an interesting look at how MBMO Architects of Sydney, Australia, used ARCHICAD to design the recent $200 million redevelopment of the Sydney Adventist Hospital (San), Sydney’s largest and oldest private hospital. MBMO designed and delivered The San Master Plan and Stage 1 Redevelopment, which involved 7 projects including the LW Clark 13-storey clinical tower that accommodated 12 new operating theatres, 4 radiology bunkers, a large medical imaging department and 180 beds for the maternity, women’s and children’s wards.

The layout uses twenty-eight turnouts on the mainline and an additional eleven turnouts in the yard. Each turnout is powered by a Tortoise slow motion turnout motor. Each of the twenty-eight mainline turnouts has three dwarf signals associated with it. The aspects of the signals are shown below. The indications of the signals are: Green = Proceed Yellow = Proceed with caution Red = Stop Each signal has one head with two LEDs. There are also thirty-eight mainline block signals (red/green) that are controlled by heavy duty single pole double throw relays. This makes a total of 122 signals. Since ...

Case study layouts

case study layouts


case study layoutscase study layoutscase study layoutscase study layouts